Be safe! Choose DEPURECO TB BAG

Be safe! Choose DEPURECO TB BAG

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  • Datum :  24-10-2016

Be safe! Choose DEPURECO TB BAG: to operate with  toxic dusts and storage of harmful powders won’t be a problem anymore.

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner to recover toxic dust from work enviroments is not heasy, but do we really know what we have to do to avoid spillage of vacuumed materials?

The management of dusts and waste materials is not restricted only to vacuum, we have to consider also spillage and discharge phase.

Ideal solution, short-term gain:

Prevent the exposure of workers to harmful dusts has never been so easy: thanks to the LONGOPAC system, powders don’t get in touch with workers, who can vacuum and spillage vacumed materials.

TB BAG allows to remove all kind of powders or waste materials from working enviroments by removing completely the risk arising from exposure and inhalation of toxic materials.

Vacuumed powders are collected into a 20 mt  rolled bag, when the bag has reached the desired capacity, all you have to do is to seal the bag and remove the polluting bag.

Depureco TB BAG is now ready to work again.

With this discharging system, the traditional waste disposal operations, which can cause dispersion of tiny amounts of powders will be avoid.

TB BAG is the perfect solution for companies working with fine, toxic, waste dust and it ensures maximum safety for workers and work enviroment. 

TB BAG is available in single and three-phase, it is equipped with side channel blower, thermal switch, relief valve. HEPA filter is available as optional.

The LONGOPAC system, can be installed on all Depureco’s Units.

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