Depureco DF: The new concept of vacuum

Depureco DF: The new concept of vacuum

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  • Datum :  18-01-2017
Innovation, Reliability, Flexibility: Depueco reflects the needs of a fast changing market.

The main target is to provide a wide range of products, along with providing solutions to solve all main specific requirements generated by any sort of specific working applications. All of this to support always our customers

Within this framework of changing, our R&D team is always looking for novelty in accordance with our quality standards.

2017 begins with a not be missed news: DF Series! 

DF series is equipped with a backward impeller fan that allows more than 1000 m³/h of air. For free standing installation or directly connected to the working machines it allows to vaccum: alluminium and metal shavings as well as all kind of dusts.

Depureco DF is characterised by a 100 litres bin capacity, allowing the vacuum of big volume of dust. The ever-new PSC cleaning filter, allows a very high cleaning efficiency.

DF can be ATEX certified, to be used in potentially explosive environments.

Depureco DF the right industrial vacuum cleaner to cover every little requirement, even the most specific. 

Every workplace has different needs, our technical department are always ready to support you, ask today for a free quotation.