Do you know that a bad filter do not protect your lungs?

Do you know that a bad filter do not protect your lungs?

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  • Datum :  14-07-2016
Dusts's sedimentation into lungs, could cause serious damages to human health, preventing a regular breathing.

Reducing the risk of deseases such as cancer, fibrosis, leukemia, resulting from inhalation of toxic or dangerous dusts, it is difficult but not an impossible challenge.

it is for this reason that Depureco, which is attentive to the health of workers, has decides to install, even on the smallest range of it's vacuum cleanersthe "M" class filter (1 µm); this kind of filter can be used to vacuum very fine dust and stops the release of potential hazardous or dangerous dusts.

Depureco's Industrial Vacuum Cleaners make the difference from the smallest to the biggest one; both for the improvement of work condition and for the respect of safety standard.

Workers in construction sector, ceramic, shipyard, rail, cement and texile sector, have to face the problem of fine and toxic dusts.

Goal is to stop completely inhalation of organic or not organic dusts and conquent damage to the workers' health.

The use of Depureco Industrial Vacuum Cleaners is one of the possible means to minimize levels of harmful dusts in the air and prevent these illnesses.

Every workplace has different needs: our technicians will always know how to recommend you to the best.

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