For the Glass Industry you need a Puma

For the Glass Industry you need a Puma

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  • Datum :  10-03-2016
Depureco has always been specialized in the research of cutting edge solution in each field.

Glass production and processing needs many stages, during which many products of different nature are used.

From the preparation of the mixture to the cooling phase, from edge deburring, sanding to grinding Our products can be applied in many stages of the process and they can solve any possible problem.

Depureco’s industrial vacuum cleaner, thanks to the characteristics of strenght and reliability, can with stand all conditions, when used in the different stages of the production process.

In particular to collect glass debris from production lines, pick up scrap under forming machines, collect toxic substances and convey glass dust out of the facilities, all at the same time.

Depureco designed and realized a specific vacuum cleaner for this field. Puma is an important tool in order to optimize the productive quality besides being a strong and efficient vacuum cleaner.

Puma is designed engineered and manufactured for a continuous use, puma is perfect for all the quality and safety oriented companies.

?Filter system with 99.995% (H) efficiency , automatic filter cleaning devices, automatic debris dumping systems, total safety, simplicity, solidity, low noise level and a meticulous attention to all the international standards, make Puma the tailored tool for your production needs.