Industrial Welding: Here the Risks.

Industrial Welding: Here the Risks.

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  • Datum :  20-11-2015
Improve Welding

Since ancient times, man has felt the need tojoin two pieces of metal in order to create a single artifact.
To address this need, despite the precarious means and without knowing it, he created the welding process.
Welding today has developed considerably and all the companies manufacturingmetal products make an extensive use of this type of activityduring the production process.
MIG, MAG welding, submerged arc welding, TIG welding and laser welding are major changes in the industry, which have consistently increased productivity over the years.

What about safety?
yes, but... who cares about the welder’s health?

Breathing iron, manganese, zinc oxides orcarbon monoxide (to name a few of the most important) can create serious damage to health.
Welding fumes can in fact enter the lungs, blood and other organs.
The regular use of safety glasses, glovesand anything that falls in the category of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) may not be enough.
Properly vacuuming welding fumes becomes a prerequisite for preservingthe welders’health from serious illnesses.
It has been proventhat the extraction at the source is the most effective and efficient method to capture and remove welding fumes.
Using this method, the risk of the welder or operator being subject to hazardous fume is minimized.

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