La Qualità a Marchio Depureco

La Qualità a Marchio Depureco

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  • Datum :  22-07-2016
DEPURECO quality campaign reaches a new achievement by getting from IFA, one of the main German third part certificatory of products quality management according to PPE regulation, the certification of his absolute filter in H14 class and his main filter media in class M. 


As a general rule with fine dust workers have more breathe diseases; therefore, different particles sizes lead different risks. 

< 10µm reducing of lungs functions 

< 2µm eyes and skin troubles 

< 1µm cancers 

Without any good protection smallest dust particles are inhaled and in worst cases goes in alveoli causing diseases. The right choice of the filter media relating to the dust to vacuum, is a must to prevent workers from any illnesses. 

As a standard DEPURECO use certified filter media in class M and absolute filter in class H14, able to keep the 99.995% of the dusts up to 0.1 µm DEPURECO filters can be used in many restrictive material tests and many different fields as chemist, pharma, food and beverage laboratories, analysis labs.

The achievements of our HEPA14 and M filter media certification was reached after many restrictive material tests and many different stages of checks.

DEPURECO has decided to guarantee all these procedures to give all his customers maximum efficiency and performances. 

DEPURECO provides vacuum solution to protect workers from any cluss of dust;

Ask for further information, our staff is at your complete disposal: [email protected]