We accept all challenges moving forward succesfully!

We accept all challenges moving forward succesfully!

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  • Datum :  16-09-2016
We accept all challenges moving forward succesfully!

Many of our competitors gave up with this project, but we saw lot of possibilities to growth. We engineered an ATEX Z21 central vacuum system. This centralized system is installed in a facility where a potentially explosive atmosphere, created by a mixture of air and flammable substance, might occur. 

A lot of row materials seemingly harmless, like meal, sugar and wood dust, may create violent explosion. Plastic dust in particular, can establish a large quantity of static electricity, especially on the recovery phase. 

This centralized system has been realized to vacuum and store swiftly and safely plastic dust generated along productive lines. The removal of potentially explosive powders from work enviroments using a Depureco central vacuum system ensures the decrease of explosion risk and countless benefits: 

- Dust and residues of workmanship are carried through a net of fixed pipelines toward a main vacuum filtyer.

- It allows to save energy and it reduce the running costs. 

- Speeds up the cleaning process allowing the vacuum from several points at the same time.

- It improve customers' production  line by protecting and reducing from the risk of explosion. 

Depureco's centralized system is equipped with an IP66 electric board panel with remote controls, 50 Hp motor power, sound proof box with forced ventilation, Hepa filter, safety explosion relief valve, automatic filter cleaning system using reverse airflow with fire retardant carttridges and continuous discharging valve. 

The whole unit is ATEX Z21 certified !!!

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