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  • Datum :  05-12-2018
The name comes from the words ATmosphères and EXplosibles and specifically the ATEX acronym refers to two specific directives of the European Union:
  • 2014/34/EU covers equipment intended for use in potentially explosive risk zones. This directive is especially addressed to the manufacturers of the above mentioned equipment and this is why there is the obligation for certification. 
  • 99/92/EC concerns the safety and health of workers operating in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. It applies in every environment with an explosion risk where certified plants and equipments are commissioned.
 An explosive atmosphere can contain two different types of combustibles:

In addition to the combustible, in order to cause an explosion to occur, there must be the coexistence of two other elements: a combustive agent (often oxygen) and a source of ignition. This is visually explained in the explosion triangle.
Combustible: dust or gas
Combustive agent: normally oxygen
Source of Ignition: any event providing a source of energy capable of igniting an explosion.

If one of these three elements is missing, there will not be an explosion.

Depureco ATEX certified industrial vacuum are designed and built to avoid the generation of any source of ignition from the vacuum. This applies to the explosion risk area where the Depureco vacuum operates and also for the the inside of the vacuum itself. In fact all Depureco atex-certified vacuums are built to create inside the vacuum.an ATEX Z20 classified zone

All Depureco Atex vacuums are suitable for the extraction of dust, including explosive,compatibly with the risk area and the certification of the purchased vacuum.
Many vacuums on the market, generally the most economical ones, are certified to operate in explosion risk areas but they are not suitable to extract explosive material. We always recommend to ask and check with the manufacturer of the vacuum whether the machine is suitable for the extraction of potentially explosive material and to read the user manual carefully in order to be sure that it is not forbidden to extract explosive products.
 More than 40 ATEX certified models. Discover what Depureco can do for you!
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